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Which insurance covers physical therapy?

Dr. Marron no longer accepts insurance. She specializes in one to one therapy so that there is full focus between clinician and patient. She takes an hour and a half and creates an individualized program for each patient. By not taking insurance, Dr. Marron is able to give the quality of care patient's truly need to get back to doing the things they love most. However, you can always contact your insurance provider and seek reimbursement for your out of pocket charge. Dr. Marron will gladly send you an invoice with every bit of information they need to reimburse you.

What will happen once therapy is completed?

Upon discharge, you will be given a home exercise program to further enhance your rehabilitation outcome and prevent the possibility of future re-injury. You also have the option to participate in our Wellness Program & Personal Training Program with Dr. Christiana Marron.

How long will my appointments last?

Each visit runs an hour and a half. This allows Dr. Marron the adequate amount of time to always assess, treat and go over your protocol/plan of care. Every session is one to one with Dr. Marron.