Christiana Marron, DPT, CPT

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Professional Experience

In 2017, Dr. Marron opened up her first location in East Fort Lauderdale near Las Olas Boulevard and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Today she works alongside many Strength & Conditioning coaches with their clients and professional athletes. Today she works with many different patients stemming from young children with neurological conditions to your UFC professional fighter.

In 2015 Christiana served alongside Dr. Michael Camp at Bethpage Physical Therapy in Bethpage, NY while completing her professional career at New York Institute of Technology and his training camp for professional boxer Chris Algieri’s WBO boxing fight against Manny Pacquiao.

In 2014 she worked alongside Dr. Carlo de Castro at NYU Langone in New York, New York with a cognitive behavioral therapist for integrating the biopsychosocial model with patients dealing with chronic lower back and neck pain. She has had the unique opportunity to learn that successful functional outcomes require the unique combination of skilled PT intervention, consistent communication amongst her patients, therapists and board physicians as well as consistent patient compliance with performing his or her individualized home educational program.

Benjamin Morey Commitment to Excellence Award

Professional Education

Doctorate Degree
New York Institute of Technology (2016)New York Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science
State University at Oneonta (2012)suny college at oneonta

Professional Associations

Graston Technique Specialist (2017)Graston Technique Preferred Provider

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2012)

Professional Associations

American Physical Therapy Association
Orthopedic Chapter
& Sports Medicine Chapteramerican physical therapy association

Interests and Accomplishments

In 2018, Dr. Marron opened up her first one to one select physical therapy office located in downtown East Fort Lauderdale close to Las Olas Blvd and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

In 2016 Christiana was awarded the Benjamin Morey Commitment to Excellence Award when graduating from the New York Institute of Technology Doctoral Program.

Christiana completed her first Nationally Qualified Figure Competition in April 2013 after completing her first year of her Doctorate Program, placing 2nd.

During her undergraduate career in 2012 she worked alongside Dr. Keith Schillo at the State University of Oneonta in Oneonta, NY in publishing a double blind scientific study on the Effects of Wheat Grass Juice and Blood Oxygenation Pre/Post Cardiovascular Exercise.

In her spare time she enjoys working out alongside her soul mate Christopher Dyer, taking their puppy Chloe to the beach and the park as well as enjoying the South Florida sunshine and warm weather.

Why did I choose to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy?

At the age of 13, Christiana’s good friend Hannah was diagnosed with lung cancer. Hannah had been in an out of remission for a few years before passing away in 2008 before graduating from high school.

It was then that Christiana knew what her passion was to be. When accompanying Hannah and her family to physical therapy, Christiana saw the benefits that therapy had on her and how happy she would be when leaving PT. When looking for colleges and what career path to take, she realized at that moment what her goal in life was- to be a healer and to bring people back to life again.

In 2014, Christiana was diagnosed her self with Type 2a breast cancer where she underwent 7 rounds of chemotherapy while continuing through her doctorate program at New York Institute of Technology.

Today she claims that if it were not for training religiously out of Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY, eating a healthy balanced diet and keeping the positive vibes she would be in a darker space. Christiana knows on a personal level and a professional level the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining strength through chemotherapy and radiation.