Ankle Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

How can the arches in your feet effect your back?
For sometime now, I have been seeing a lot of the younger athletic population complain of back pain during or after activities.

Some estimate that the distance we travel on our feet every ten years is equivalent to the Earth’s circumference (Yikes!). So the 26 bones and 33 joints that make up each foot take a pounding over the course of a lifetime.

Who knew that between one and two times a person’s entire body weight is absorbed to as much as three-and-a-half times when running alone? It is hardly surprising they are susceptible to injury!

How can each arch type effect my body?
For instance, collapsed foot arches – also known as flat feet – which can be inherited or brought on by weakening of the muscles in the bottom portion of the feet through sustained strain caused by wearing high heels, ageing and weight gain, are a common cause for knee pain.

The condition can cause the heel to turn outwards at the ankle. ‘This misalignment can result in painful grinding of the knee. We can track even further up the body, to lower back pain caused by the feet and the stress put on the inner aspect of the knees.

As a physical therapist when assessing a patient we look at leg length inequality that can cause a tilt in the pelvis – if the legs are functionally different because of a collapsed arch in one of the feet, we can use orthotics with physical therapy to address this.

Therapy often centres on treating pain caused by walking with high or flattened arches, and problems caused by overpronation or oversupination – the way the foot rolls inwards or outwards through a step to distribute impact throughout the foot.

Our feet act like shock absorbers just like the discs in our spinal column!

Difficulties begin when there is too much (flat foot) or too little pronation or supination, or if it happens at the wrong time when walking.

By creating extra support underneath specific parts of the feet – lifting the ankle a few millimetres, for example – insoles, made of foam rubber or carbon fibre, rebalance the action of the foot and correct other mechanics of the gait along with strengthening activities provided by your therapist.

Does being on your feet for a long or short period of time make you want to sit down?
Does running or training kill the bottom of your feet, the inside of your ankle or the top of your shin?
Does it feel like your calves are always so tight that you cannot find a way to relieve the tightness?
If so, read below to find out what you can do to alleviate these symptoms!

So what can I begin to do to address this?
You can start off by making an appointment with Dr. Christiana Marron to make an assessment of your arches. From there she will decide what type of arches you have, what type of exercise protocol you should begin and what type of arch support you should be purchasing to correct your symptoms!

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